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Online workshop -
7th January 2024 - 10-11.30am GMT

Do you want to know how to create the life you desire?

We create our own reality through our thoughts and beliefs and have the inner power to create what we desire when we know how

Do you want to learn the proven formula for successful manifestation?

We will work through a proven formula of steps and techniques to allow us to become magnetic for the desires we want to call into our lives in 2024 and beyond

What will I gain from this session?

We will start the session with a short meditation allowing us to ground and create space to listen in to our hearts desires, we will then move into some journaling, gratitude work and vision boarding to get really clear on what we want to bring into our lives in 2024 and beyond and create a high vibration to allow us to become magnetic, finishing off with a conscious connected breathwork to help us to tap into our subconscious mind and working with our visualisation here, harnessing our inner power to create the life we desire and deserve. 

Hosted by Erin Dusek
Erin is a Yoga, meditation and breathwork coach and ex professional dancer who has used this process and technique to manifest some incredible opportunities in her life but also has been guiding others to do so over the past 3 years with incredible results. 

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