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Welcome to The Self Love Club!

Join The Gratitude Retreat for the FREE 7 day Self Love Challenge.


Why is it so important to love ourselves? Simply put, our internal world creates our external reality. When we can cultivate unconditional love for ourselves, we not only make better life choices for ourselves, but we also attract more things into our lives that vibrate in alignment with love. Self Love also increases self confidence, self believe, self worth, self esteem and allows us to fulfil our potential and higher purpose in this life.


Everyday for 7 days there will be a meditation and task to help you cultivate more self love and connect to yourself on a deeper level. 

All you need is an open mind and heart and around 30 mins of YOU time per day.

Just enter your email in the box above to get started and you'll receive set up instructions and Day 1 of the challenge!

Good Luck!

Welcome to the SELF LOVE CLUB its the best place to be!

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