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28 days of Love & Gratitude

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The Gratitude Retreat is a 28 day programme designed to help you build long lasting habits that create a positive mindset and enable you to live your best life possible!

You will be guided through the 28 days by Erin and be connected with a community of like minded individuals all driven by a common improve their lives for the better.


Every day there will be short guided meditation and daily task to set you up for your day and to help you feel your best. You will also do visualisation sessions to help you manifest your dream life and attract what you have always desired, as well as learning about and working with the chakras, the elements, self love, inner child, loving kindness and Yoga Nidra meditations. 


 Additionally members will  have access to an on demand Library of over 70 pre-recorded yoga and Breathwork classes and free pass to The Gratitude Retreat live classes (one Vinyasa and one Yin/breathwork on zoom), and an opportunity to meet others in the community virtually via our monthly check-in and WhatsApp group where we share and discuss the work done on the retreat (optional) and take part in group manifestations sessions. It's a lovely place to be! 

As a bonus you will also receive extra discounts for events and retreats with The Gratitude Retreat. 

The programme is designed to be done over 28 days in order and in its entirety for the best results, however it can also be practiced in a way that best suits you. So you can pick and choose when and how you practice, and our community WhatsApp group is available to you to ask questions and share insights with me and other members of The Gratitude Retreat.

You can become a member of The Gratitude Retreat for £27 per month (thats less than £1 a day!) and a member of our lovely, positive and most importantly GRATEFUL community for life!  So what are you waiting for? Your dream life awaits you...


THOUGHTS FROM THE               COMMUNITY...      

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